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Quantum Healing

Anna Mazura

What is Quantum Healing?

What is quantum healing? And how quantum healing reveals to you? Quantum healing is a therapy for people and reffers to quantum phenomena. Quantum healing is focused on balancing and integrating body, mind and spirit to assist you to achieve a greater manifestation of the power you have. Deepak Chopra, the author of “Quantum Healing”, said: “Quantum Healing is healing the body-mind from a quantum level. That means from a level which is not manifest of a sensory level”.


Quantum mind hypothesis

Classical physics cannot fully explain consciousness and suggests that quantum phenomena may play an important role in explanation of consciousness. Physicist F. Capra in his book “The Tao of Physics” noted that change and transformation are the primary aspects of modern physics. When you are reading this text, you can experience, that our vibrations and energies are connected. Make it an essential part of your experience. It is one of the arguements underlying quantum mind hypothesis.

Quantum touch

For decades, psychologists have been praising the great value of touch. Many studies have shown that babies who are not touched will not grow as quickly as their counterparts who are held regularly.
Then, what is quantum touch, and what makes it so important?
“In my opinion, the true value of touch is the life force energy and the love – in that touch” – states Richard Gordon, the author “Quantum – Touch”.
Quantum touch is a method of healing. To use quantum touch, you simply need to learn various breathing techniques, body awareness mediatations, and hand positions. In that way you can raise the vibration of your hands to a very high frequency.
Quantum touch combines with numerous other techniques to enhance their effectiveness: massage, shiatsu, jin shin do, acuressure, polarity, cranial, sacral, therapeutic touch, and so on.
I believe that it is truly one of the essential life skills we should all know. The ability to heal is an inherent part of people`s essential nature. So, how to do it?
Deepak Chopra is belived that the process is very much like learning to ride a bicycle. As he states: “To promote the healing response, you must get past all the grosser levels of the body – cells, tissues, organs, and systems – and arrive at a junction between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect”.

Distant healing

Numerous books have been written about magical world of quantum physics. One of the implications of Bell`s theorem is that, at a fundamental level the separate parts of the universe are connected in an intimate and immediate way. How distant healing can work?
When I use the word “distant”, I mean that there is no physical contact being made between the healer and client. When you are touching someone during a quantum healing session, you are clearly assisting to change the vibration of the tissue in a very direct way. It is called “local healing”. In “nonlocal healing” the healer may be possibly on the moon and his impact would be strong, since the field is created by thought.

The Principles of Quantum Touch

  • 1. Love is a universal vibration. Love communicates to all species, functions on all levels and expresses our true nature. It is the foundation of all healing and the core essence of the life force energy.
    2. The ability to assist in healing is natural to all people.
    3. Healing is a skill that can be taught and that grows stronger with practice. Practitioners become stronger at running the energy and in their healing ability over time.
    4. Energy follows thought. The healers uses intention and various meditations to create a high-energy field and uses that field to surround the area to be healed.
    5. Resonance cause the area being healed to change its vibration to match that of the healer. The healer simply raises and holds the new resonanse.
    6. No one can really heal anyone else. The person in need of healing is the healer. The healer simply holds a resonance to allow the body to heal itself.
    7. Trusting the process is essential. The work may cause temporary pain or other distressing symptoms that are part of the healing. The life force and the healing process work with complexity and wisdom that are beyond our conception and comprehension.
    8. The energy follows tha natural intelligence of the body to do the necessary healing. The healers pays attention to “body intelligence” and “chases the pain”.
    9. The healer is also receiving a healing by doing the work.
    10. Breathing amplifies the life force energy.
    11. Combining breathing and meditation techniques together causes the energy to line up, which increases its power many times, like a laser.
    12. Synergy is the effect of multiple healers working together and is greater than the sum of the parts. It can be very powerful.
    13. Healing can be accomplished from a distance and can be highly effective.

Healing vibration of love

From the galaxies to the subactomic level, all people and particles dance to its power. If a piano and a quitar were both in tune and a G was played on the piano, the G string on the quitar would also vibrate. In this example, the string on the quitar absorbs the energy waves from the piano because it is tuned to the same frequency. Whenever they are in harmony, they form what is called a resonant system. The quitar and piano string are resonating with one another.
By the same token, people that can vibrate at the same frequency, require very little work to tranfer energy from one to another. When two things are vibrating at different frequences through resonance, either the lower vibration will come up, the higher vibration will come down, or they will meet in the middle.
Love is the universal vibration that allows people to transfer healing energy from one to another. Loving hands are healing hands. Yes, absolutely. Love vibration can transform your life or make your life more fulfilling.
Bruce Berger writes: “Sympathetic resonance describes the tendency of two wave forms with the same degree of arc to vibrate sympathetically together, energizing and communicating universally with each other. Thus wave forms of the same length and frequency will entrain and influence each other throughout all creation. This is the key to understanding one of the dynamics that holds creation togehther, and to understanding our theory of the body as the energy of sacred sound”.

What is life force energy?

Since scientists do not have sensitive enough instruments to mesure existence of life energy, they deny that is real. It is like denying the existence of love because you can`t measure its length or weigh it on a scale.
Most people actually feel the life force energy within them every moment of every day. They often are not aware that they are feeling it. When someone experiences a wonderful creative flow, we describe them as beeing “inspired”. To “inspire” is the same word we use to describe breathing, and the breath happens to be the primary source of Prana.
The reality of life energy has been well documented by literally thousands of studies. Distant healing and prayer in the laboratory have produced viable and dramatic effects on bacteria, yeasts and other single-celled organisms, as well as on DNA, enzymes and chemicals. Many research has also been conducted on plants, animals and people.

What is life force energy

Life force energy is the cosmic power. The Chinese call it “Chi”, and the Japanese call it “Ki”. The Indian yogis have called the energy “Prana” and have used their understanding to achieve higher levels of consciousness through their practices od yoga, pranayama, meditation, and various healing practices. Western traditions view our life force energy as an esoteric phenomenon, generally accepted by us as a gift from greater powers. The Oriental traditions see our energy and vitality as much more to do with our interaction with the universe. For example, taoist philosophy is a way of describing and understanding how we and our environment function together.
It is belived that to be alive is to have sufficient life energy to enable our body-mind to “react” in some way. Imbalances of life energy quantity and circulation have many causes, including emotional disturbance, shock, abnormal environmental factors such as excessive heat or cold, accidents and so on.

Creative chaos. How the quantum chaos works?

The suggestion that brain activity has chaotic dynamics in not new. It is interesting that many writers have suggested that it is healthy to be chaotic. In fact, chaos may provide a healthy flexibility to the heart, brain, and other parts of the body. Conversly, many ailments may be assotiated with a loss of this chaotic flexibility.
Similarly, chaotic dynamics in mind activity can be adaptive. By that, I suppose that a mind can become adaptive through “chaotic acts” rather than “orderly idleness”. I. Prigogine demonstrated that nonequilibrium may be a source of spontaneous formation of order.
“Maybe chaos is the natural way to put together the various things in the body” – suggests Ary Goldberger. “Healthy systems don`t want homeostasis” he says. “They want chaos”. But chaos that arises is not total chaos, but rather is controlled and bounded.

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