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End of hypnosis course

Selected group of gild members finished a course of hypnosis.

It was a good idea to invite to excellent hypnotists. And so, unmatched master of stage hypnosis, Jurij Mokriszczew participated in classes on second day. He demonstrated his workshop and acquainted into arcana of his art. Meeting with Jurij proceeded In amicable created unforgettable mood. atmosphere and practical exercises .

On third and fifth day of course a friend from guild – mgr of psychology Wojciech Górecki– excellent bioenergotherapist, student of prof Maria Szulc, an icon of polish bioenergotherapy – honored us with his appearance and leaded part of lecture. He introduced to us a lot of hypnotic techniques and explained intricate mysteries of leading into hynpotic trance. Under his watchful eye we practiced all of techniques he teached us. Patience, tranquility and warm timbre of voice were a great show of his art of approaching patient.

Last three days progressed as the rule says – practice makes perfect. They proceed under supervision of Grzegorz Halkiew. Great knowledge He passed on us was also collected in thic textbook, which every participant received for personal use. Grzegorz is a wonderful teacher, also in other domains connected with personal development (if you’re interested – check links) Great atmosphere on the course was made both by tutors and participants. Our guild colleague, certified master of bioenergotherapy and a NLP coach Grzegorz Halkiew Has show a pedagogical mastery in passing knowledge and leading the course.

Grzegorz Halkiew is the author of photos, which are displayed in the gallery, on which course route was recorded (we invite you to watch them). Huge knowledge we received on course will enrich our workshop and undoubtedly will result In our personal practice. It will also simplify colleague contacts, because when joyful emotions faded we talked and shared experiences In warm, cordial atmosphere. At the end of course, after passed exam, everyone received appropriate certificates and diplomas.

We should thank Guild Management Bard and all who worked socially on course organisation. It was hard work for both sides, but it was worth it. We haven’t had such a well organized course for a long time. While the knowledge was on high level the crossbar was set even higher. It testifies of high technical skills of gild members and of attention of management bard to provide education on the highest level – everyone deserve congratulations. In the pipeline are next courses and trainings, which surely will be worth checking and to which we invite, recounting that next tutors will hale to work hard to achieve similar level of upcoming courses.

Tutor homepages:

Grzegorz Halkiew www.hipnoza.edu.pl

Guild Naturopathic and Hypnotists http://www.naturopata.edu.pl


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